Minecraft Agents - THE ZOO HEIST!! (Minecraft Roleplay) #2


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Funneh, Gold, Rainbow, & Lunar are sent out on a mission to stop Fangs from kidnapping rare species from the local park Zoo!
► Previous Mission: https://youtu.be/QHb8nnKm6-M
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Minecraft Agents is a Minecraft role-play series where we are top secret agents.
★ Agents Series Playlist: http://bit.ly/MinecraftAgents

Genres: Action | Adventure | Comedy


Video Links!
► Previous Mission: https://youtu.be/QHb8nnKm6-M
► Random Mission: https://youtu.be/x5I2RHfjMqQ

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▼ Credits

Gold - http://bit.ly/GoldenGlare
Rainbow - http://bit.ly/PaintingRainbows
Draco - http://bit.ly/DraconiteDragon
Lunar - http://bit.ly/LunarEclispe

Zoo: http://bit.ly/1suF2vS
Shipyard: http://bit.ly/Shipyard-by-WhiteStarCraft
Gun Texture Pack: http://bit.ly/3DWeapons-by-H1Z1
Life of Riley by Kevin MacLeod: https://incompetech.com/

▼ Server hosted by MCProHosting
Discount Link - http://bit.ly/McProHostFNH

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